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Bone Conduction Bluetooth Earphones

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Have you ever had headphones that didn’t fit and fell out?

Do you have a headset that gets dirty when you have it in your ear? Did you know that traditional headphones can permanently damage your eardrums?


✅ Conduction technique: enjoy hours of music without damaging your eardrums. It is equipped with bone conduction technology that creates vibrations to transmit sound via the bones of the face (jaw and cheekbones) directly to the inner ear. The wrap-around design makes it extremely lightweight, flexible and provides a custom and secure fit.

✅Working with glasses: easy to wear when wearing glasses. High-quality wireless headphones with good sound and built-in microphone are a dream for any spectacle wearer.

✅Attention to comfort and stability: The ergonomic design provides ultimate comfort and ensures that it is always in place, no matter what happens. Whether you exercise intensively, walk, run, climb, skate, drive or other, and thanks to the USB power supply, it’s perfect for any situation.

Clear conversations: never let disruption get in the way again. With the advanced microphone with noise cancellation, it optimizes your call and reduces background noise.

✅Sweatproof design: Enhance your workout now with a clear and powerful sound that your traditional headphones can’t match. These headphones that you wear on your legs are sweatproof and stay in place during your workouts and exercises.